A downloadable game for macOS


Explore the walkways of the game world and experience the core emotion of contempt through the level design.

What is this project

This game uses the play space as a means to represent emotion through play without dialogue in the form of a luxury furniture. As a lavish luxurious chair you'll observe the world outside of the lifestyle of an extravagant piece of furniture and look down to the lesser chairs in contempt.

There are various things that set apart this games from others .What makes this game unique is its abstract representation of the emotion and the metaphorical meaning put into the assets in game and the game space. To say it's a game would be a misclassification, instead this could be seen as more of an interactive experience where you participate as the observer.

All that's needed for controls is a simple mouse and keyboard. This game uses little input other than your basic movement controls using the arrow keys on your keyboard and the mouse to pan around the field.

Project's purpose

When making the game, trying to find core idea to display the emotion of contempt was not an easy task. Contempt is a very complex feeling derived from other different feelings and which is not easy to represent interactively. It took me days of ideation to get a drop of inspiration. In my class all the seats are these uncomfortable stools that no one likes to sit on, except for these 2 cushioned office chairs which my classmates and i rush to grab a hold of to not sit on the stools. One day as i ran into the unfortunate event of not grabbing one of the office chairs on time and as i looked at the stool in discontent i came into the idea of representing contempt in the perspective of inanimate objects like chairs and ask the question " if i was that office chair, how would i feel around be surrounded with simplistic less comfortable stools?"

Published Mar 23, 2017


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